National Tree Day

A very successful National Tree Day event was held at Lake McIntyre on Thursday 27th July. Twenty six McArthur Park Kindy children arrived to plant 13
shrubs in three locations around the lake. They were accompanied by their siblings, mums, teachers, 3 Lake Mac volunteers, and representatives from
Millicent Toyota and Banner Mitre10.

The children were in three groups and they moved through three activities throughout the morning. The activities consisted of a walk and observing birds
from the bird hide, another was looking for macro-invertebrates in water samples, and of course the main aim of the excursion – planting their shrubs.

The annual Toyota sponsored National Tree Day has been an annual event at Lake McIntyre for several years, and the Lake McIntyre Management Board would
like to thank Millicent Toyota for their continued support of this event. 

The weather stayed fine for the morning’s activities, and then got very wet not long after the children had departed, so a great day for all concerned.

(Photos kindly supplied by Dee Tiddy)