Visitor Information Walking Tracks

Maps showing the walking tracks in the Wattle Range area can be obtained from the Visitor Information Centres in Millicent, Beachport and Penola. These include


Coola Outstation Historical Hike (8.5km) This walking trail loop passes coastal vegetation, early farm machinery, wetlands (via a boardwalk) and the ruins of Coola Outstation to the shores of Lake Bonney.

Along the way great views of Lake Bonney, the sand dunes, farmlands and windmills are provided.


Cape Buffon Walking Trail (2km) This walk highlights how the forces of wind and waves have shaped the limestone cliffs, sea stacks and reef platforms. A variety of plant species can be seen including colourful wildflowers and native grasses.

Willichum Lookout Walking Trail (1.6km) Willichum is the Boandik aboriginal word for the ‘southern end’ of Rivoli Bay. Splendid panoramic views reward walkers who reach the viewing platform.

Seaview Walking Trail (6km) The Seaview Walking trail showcases a range of coastal features along the cliff top, including spectacular rock formations, sandy beaches, seabirds and a myriad of plants while offering stunning scenic views of the coastal environment.


Jack & Hilda McArthur Walk (45mins easy) A picturesque walk around Woolley Lake, named after Charles Woolley who lived on its northwestern shore and provided a changing station for the mail horses. The short detour to the lookout offers rewarding panoramic views of Beachport, Lake George, Southern Ocean, Woakwine Ranges and Rivoli Bay.

Lighthouse Walk and Lookout (5mins easy) A short walk through the dunes passing the Cape Martin lighthouse and overlooking the boatyard. The Penguin Island lighthouse was built in 1878 and the ruins are visible from the lookout. Penguin Island is a sanctuary and home to Fairy Penguins and other seabirds. The Cape Martin lighthouse was established on the mainland in 1960

Lanky’s Walk (45mins moderate) Located in Railway Terrace, this walk follows a well-defined path through natural bush with a diverse variety of native plants to Lanky’s Well, dug to provide water for the police horses. It is named after Lanky Kana, a member of the local Boandik people, who was a police tracker, and who cared for the horses and camped by the well.

Wendy’s Walk (45mins moderate) Access to this walk is from Foster Street. Climb halfway up the stairs, turn right at post #2. All markers are pine posts with a patch, number and arrow. The track winds through natural bushland with views over the township and bay. It crosses the Scenic Drive and returns via the back of the Southern Ocean Tourist Park, or follow the road back to post #5 and retrace your steps to Foster Street.


Honan Mint Trails – Located in the Honan Native Forest Reserve, Kangaroo Flat Road Glencoe. These trails were opened late in 2017 and provide 3 walks of varying lengths. They are all easy walking and well marked with trail markers and maps at strategic points. Honan NFR has some of the state’s rarest and most endangered plants, animals and birds. It won’t matter what time of year you walk, there will always be something special to see.

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