The main objectives for the development of the Lake McIntyre Reserve include:

To create an aquatic environment, with a diversity of habitats, to function as a living area for waterbirds, both resident and migratory.
To provide an aquatic habitat for the introduction, promotion and conservation of native species of aquatic life.
To provide a surrounding landscape to promote local flora, particularly rare and endangered species.
To maximise the return to the Council of the sandstone rubble remaining in the operating McIntyre’s Quarry, and to progressively rehabilitate the quarry to achieve the other objectives.
To develop and provide unique local recreational and educational opportunities associated with an aquatic environment.
To maximise local public and community participation in the overall development program.
To provide a high quality public tourism attraction, by means of appropriate rehabilitation, landscaping and planting, and to include appropriate signage, public facilities and birdlife observation areas.

The present Lake McIntyre Management Board continues to maintain, improve and update the lake and its surrounds, and are grateful for all the assistance provided by the local service groups (Millicent Rotary Club, Millicent Lions Club, Millicent Lioness Club) and the local schools, especially the Newbery Park Primary School.

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