Visitor Information Management

The management of the reserve is undertaken by the Lake McIntyre Management Board which is a sub committee of the Wattle Range Council. The Board is made up of 2 councillors and 7 members of the community. The Board meets once a month at the Millicent Public Library and the Agendas and Minutes are posted on the Council website.

As well as the members of the Board, who carry out maintenance duties such as checking the BBQs and toilets and opening and closing the gates, there is a small but dedicated band of volunteers who assist with general maintenance such as weeding, mowing, spraying and tree trimming.

The eradication of pest weeds and trees is an ongoing task, as is the planting of new trees, bushes, ground covers and grasses which all help to encourage the diversity of animal life.

The Board is also responsible for initiating upgrades to the facilities, such as the shelters over the BBQs, concreting the floors of the BBQ shelters, and adding handrails and palings to the boardwalk. 

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