Lake McIntyre has some of the best BBQ and picnic facilities in the district.

There are three free gas BBQs, all housed in shelters with solid floors and with picnic tables and seats.

There are also four picnic tables with seats situated around the lake, with easy access via the walking path.

With lots of open grassy areas to spread a picnic blanket out, there are plenty of options to choose from.

As there are no bins provided, we ask that you take all your rubbish home with you to ensure the area is kept clean for all visitors.

A toilet block with two flushing toilets is provided, as is an Interpretive Centre with photographic displays on the fauna and flora, and history of the lake. Also available is a brochure on Lake McIntyre and a brochure listing the most common birds.

Bird hides are located at two positions around the edge of the lake. One of these is wheelchair friendly. These provide the visitor with good views of the lake and the waterbirds that call the area home. Also to be seen from the hides on occasions are the resident Eastern Long-necked Turtles which are endemic to the area, and an occasional Macquarie Turtle, which are usually restricted to the Murray Darling river system

The walking path around the lake is an easy walk of 1.3kms which is also wheelchair and gopher friendly.

There are seats provided at short intervals around the lake making it accessible for people of all fitness levels. Enjoy the general surrounds during your leisurely walk and identify local species of flora and fauna. Listen to the bird calls, the frog sounds, and watch out for aquatic life in the water.

There are also three viewing platforms, two of which overlook the lake, and one overlooking the channel running into the working quarry.

Two of the platforms are accessed from the BBQ area, and the third from Downs Island. All of them are ideally situated for scenic views as well as great bird observation points. As with most areas, they are wheelchair and gopher friendly.

As the lake is a dedicated bird breeding area, dogs are not permitted. This is because a lot of the waterbirds that breed at the lake are ground-nesting birds that are very sensitive to disturbances in their environment, so no dogs, please.

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