Newbery Park Primary School Planting Day

Newbery Park Primary School undertakes regular planting days at Lake McIntyre as part of their Environmental Studies Program. The latest visit was by 19
year 1 and 2 students from Room 3 on Tuesday 13th June. These students were led by Angela Jones and Kasey David with four parent helpers, and five
Lake McIntyre volunteers – Noel, Gavin, Sam, Sheila and Dee. The plants were Lomandra longifolia, were propagated at the Newbery Park Primary School
and were cared for by the students. 381 of these plants were planted on the day under established gum trees, in an area known as Annie’s Trees.

Lomandra are butterfly habitat plants, meaning that some species of butterfly will lay their eggs on the leaves, which provide food for the newly hatched

Butterflies are important as pollinators and as a food source for the numerous birds at the lake. The plants also attract many other insects and provide
a refuge for reptiles just off the main path.

The plants were planted approximately 30cm apart to make a thicket, which we eventually won’t be able to walk through. The students were totally engaged
and excited to be helping out to provide extra habitat at Lake McIntyre. An excellent day was had by all involved. The class work ethic was amazing.
Lunch was eaten at the BBQ area and some old fashioned play (rolling down the hill) was enjoyed before heading back to school. Thanks to Angela
for providing this news item.