Child Care Visit

On Wednesday 16th August 18 children plus 6 adults from the Gladys Smith Child Care Centre came to visit lake McIntyre. Everyone was rugged up in jackets,
beanies and boots. The visit was part of their 40th Anniversary Celebrations, and they came to add some ground cover plants to the garden bed that
was established by them in 2013. They planted Prostanthera saxicola, Leptospermum Shore Tuff, and Correa Mallee Lantern. These plants will help with
weed control in the bed and add some much needed cover for the bare areas.

The children also visited the bird hides and saw the swan on the nest, enjoyed watching the birds from the bridge, and delighted in the freedom and space
of the area, running back and forth along the track. 

They were very enthusiastic about their visit and the planting. Thanks must go to Gavin and Sue for preparing the area for planting and to Deirdre for
co-ordinating the visit and assisting on the day. Thanks must also go to Deirdre for supplying the information for the article and for the photos.
Plans are underway to visit again when the weather is warmer and the children can enjoy a picnic.