Farewell to the Snipe

Latham’s Snipe is a non-breeding migrant to the south east of Australia including our Lake McIntyre.

They arrive in spring and stay until the end of summer, returning to Japan for the breeding season.

Latham’s Snipe is the largest snipe in Australia with mainly brown patterned plumage which makes them very well camouflaged. They blend into
the background until disturbed when they suddenly burst from their hiding spot with a load ‘krek’ noise. When they land, they instantly
disappear again. They are much more visible in the breeding season as the males have an elaborate courting display.  

They feed by thrusting their long bill into mud with an up and down ‘sewing machine’ action in soft mudflats or shallow water. They roost in
the day and feed at night, early morning or evening. They are omnivorous, eating seeds and plant material, worms, spiders and insects.