McArthur Park Kindy Visit

National Tree Day, sponsored by Planet Ark and Toyota, was celebrated at Lake McIntyre on 26th July, when 30 children from McArthur Park Kindy arrived
to plant 18 trees. The children were accompanied by teachers and parents, and were met at the lake by Lake McIntyre Board members, as well as Jeff
Lowe from Millicent Toyota (who donated the plants), and Jeannie Hutchesson from Banner Mitre 10 Millicent (who supplied the plants at cost price).

The Lake Mac volunteers prepared the area, dug the holes, placed tree guards and stakes by the holes, and numbered the plants prior to the children’s visit.
This made the task of planting and guarding much easier for the children.

After having some rain in the morning prior to the visit, the weather cleared up and provided ideal conditions for the planting. The children had a lovely
time – as did Noel, Sheila and Dee. The children made a lovely book with photos and stories from the day, and provided the Lake Mac members with a
Thank you card.

Noel, Sheila and Dee were invited back to the kindy for afternoon tea which was a great deal of fun. The children have also provided a photo story book
about their visit to Lake Mac which is an absolute delight to read. The book will be held by the Lake McIntyre Management Board together with the wonderful
coverage provided by the South Eastern Times. These kindy and school visits are always a delight, and they help to provide more habitat plants for
the lake area as well as being of great educational benefit to the children. 

We are looking forward to the next school visit. This will be in September and will involve the Newbery Park Primary School.