Snake Season

With the weather warming up a little now that it is spring, there are lots of things happening at the lake. This is the time of year for the snakes come
out of their holes and sun-bake somewhere warm. One of our local Lowland Copperhead snakes has been doing just that recently. He is a fairly large
fellow and likes to sun himself on the large stump situated at the start of the walk near the main gate. Most snakes prefer to avoid contact with us
and they will usually disappear if they hear us coming or detect our movements. This fellow disappears back into his hole when disturbed, but care
must be taken at all times when walking anywhere in, around or near the lake. We will monitor his movements and if he becomes a threat we will relocate
him. In the meantime, enjoy the walking trail around the lake, and always be aware of your suroundings and the path in front of you.