‘Wattle’ you see at Lake Mac this month?

The wattles around the lake are providing a glorious vista of green and gold. They are also providing great feeding places for small birds such as silvereyes
and thornbills. 

Both the green and gold colours vary depending on the species of wattle. Next time you are out at the lake see how many different wattles you can spot.

There are many plants flowering at the moment, including the native pigface which has large showy flowers.


There are several species of hakea around the lake, and this small bush in the car park area is covered in white flowers.

If you look into the water while on the boardwalk bridge, you may be lucky enough to see a long-necked turtle. Some of these guys must be quite old going
by the amount of vegetation they have on their backs.

Not all ‘Blue Wrens’ are blue. The female blue wren is rather plain looking compared to her very brightly coloured mate.Our blue wrens are Superb Fairy-wrens
and they are quite numerous around the lake.

Another small bird that likes to poke about on the ground is the White-browed Scrubwren. They are usually quite shy and timid, but if you sit quietly they
will sometimes come out and forage so you can get a good look.

No matter what the weather, there is always something interesting happening at the lake. Next time you are out there see what new and interesting things
you can spot.